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About us

In December 1998, the first ever Pine Discount Store opened its doors in Kenwick at 1685 Albany Hwy.

18 years on, we have grown to 8 Stores throughout Western Australia with plans to open up another 2 in the near future.

We also have in excess of 14,000 square meters of Warehousing to ensure that MOST products are immediately available (especially your Bed and Mattress). As we have grown, we have endeavoured to give back to the Community that has supported us. As such, we are proud to Support Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. We were also very pleased to have been able to assist the Victims of the Kelmscott Hills Fire Disaster in 2011, donating in excess of $70,000 worth of Furniture. We are also proud to sponsor 40 x children through World Vision.

Pine Discount Quality Furniture is QUALITY PINE FURNITURE at the lowest prices.......GUARANTEED!! BUT it is also SO much more.

We also have a fantastic selection of WORLD CLASS MATRRESSES at a fraction of the price you would pay at the so called " Bedding Specialists ". 

Come and try our Large Selection of Memory Foam, Latex and Pocket Spring Mattresses and you will discover that a great night's sleep on some of the World's Best Mattresses doesn't mean you have to work the World's Longest Hours. Saving you neck, back and Hips, doesn't have to cost you your Arm and your Leg!! We also carry a good selection of genuine Leather Lounges. Genuine Leather = Leather from the Hide of the Cow. ( Cow Hide Leather )

Split Leather isn't nearly as good, and as for what is referred to as " Bonded Leather" this isn't actually Leather at all..... Bonded Leather is in fact more or less Vinyl...Just Google it, and see for yourself!! And the great thing about our Genuine Cow Hide Leather Lounges is that they are really no more expensive than those pretend "Bonded Leather" Couches. We tell our manufacturers to use the Best Material where you sit... And to use more basic materials (PVC) where you don't (the sides and back of the couch) That way, every time you sit on one of our Leather Lounges, your body touches only Genuine Cow Hide Leather... As does the Wallet in your Hip Pocket....Which is full of all the money you've saved!!

We have 2 ranges of Fabric Lounge Suites.

We have a Budget Range of Fabric Lounge Suites, which are ok...And they are ridiculously well priced!

We have also recently introduced our Platinum Range of Lounge Suites. These are EXCELLENT QUALITY and are backed up by extended warranties...But whilst the Construction quality of these Lounges is outstanding, and the look and Comfort matchless... what you will love most about them, is the price!! Never has being so comfortable, been so affordable. We are the Recliner Suite KINGS!! And we challenge you to find a better offer on a Recliner Suite ( you won't be able to!! )

We also carry an extensive range of Modern Furniture finished in High Gloss White as well as High Gloss Black. This furniture not only looks AMAZING, it is also constructed using the World's Best Practice and Highest Quality Materials. You will be stunned by how good this furniture looks... and blown away by the PRICE!!

Our High Gloss White and Black Bedroom Suites are just beautiful... And our HUGE "Direct Import" Buying Power means you save a fortune.

So whether you are looking for an awesome Recliner Suite, a Modern Corner Lounge, a Quality Leather Lounge Suite... a World Class Mattress, or the beauty, warmth and timelessness of a Quality Solid Pine piece of Furniture....We have what you are looking for.

And what's more, we can back it up with Friendly Service and the very best after sales support.

Come in and see us, the Furniture will surprise, the prices will please, and the Quality will impress but what we hope you will remember most is the Service.